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Mindful . Graceful . Balanced

Mind and Body connection



Grace is a seasoned 500-hr yoga instructor. She is also Pilates and Barre certified. She takes special interest to body anatomy. She always reminds her students that yoga is not about using the body to get into any particular poses. Instead it is about using the poses to work on the body. Grace firmly believes that stretching + strengthening is a well-balanced healthy recipe for the body. She uses yoga for stretching & barre for strengthening to keep the body both strong and flexible.

When Grace is not teaching, she would either be busy playing with her fur baby, Chanel, or practising ballet. 

Class Schedule



THU 9.50-10.50  Hatha Yoga @ SSCC

FRI 10.00-11.00  Vinyasa @ JCCC

FRI 18.00-17.00  Gentle Flow @ OGG


Online Classes

$15/class or buy a package of 5 for $65 (valid for 2 months)


MON 9:00 - 9:50 Gentle Flow 🧘🏻‍♀️

SAT   9:00 - 9:50  Barre 🏋🏼‍♀️

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There are many ways to practice yoga. Hatha yoga is more static while Vinyasa is about moving with your breath. Gentle flow, as what it is named, lets you flow gently as you practise. Learn to practise meditatively and connect with your body

Class Type


Barre integrates ballet, pilates and yoga to give you a full body workout. We use ballet movements to work the legs and get your heart rate going. We use small hand weights & a resistance band to work the upper body. We use pilates exercises and a small ball to work your core. 


Yogalates is a great way to keep the body flexible and strong in a 90-minute practice. We spend 60 min practising yoga to stretch various parts of the body. We leverage a resistance band and a small ball doing pilates exercises to strengthen the body.  


Free Tutorials

Forever Now Online

Forever Now Online

Forever Now Online
Short & Sweet Series | 10 min Yoga at Your Desk

Short & Sweet Series | 10 min Yoga at Your Desk

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Mindful 。 Graceful 。  Balanced

Mindful 。 Graceful 。 Balanced

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Short and Sweet Series | 21 min Barre Full Body Workout (part 3)

Short and Sweet Series | 21 min Barre Full Body Workout (part 3)

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Short and Sweet Series | 20 min Barre Legs and Arms (Part 2)

Short and Sweet Series | 20 min Barre Legs and Arms (Part 2)

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Grace is our INSPIRATION in so many ways. We are so touched by her dedication details. Through them, we can totally feel her love for her work and her students.

Tech Hong & Terin


Grace is the kind of instructor who gives and gives. She will always remind you of the correct form whether it is your first class or the 20th class and can spot your mistakes even on ZOOM!


Grace makes an effort in every class to tone the whole body in that 1 hour class. There is familiarity in the exercise & yet some form of variation to ensure the muscles are not too comfortable. 



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