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Learning & Development Consultant


Margaux O.
Writer & Producer, USA

Outdoor Workout

Himanshu Chaudhari
Banking Professional

I am recovering from a knee surgery and working towards getting back to active sports. For the last 6 months, joining Grace's Barre and Yoga classes have made a phenomenal impact on my recovery. For me, her classes have the right balance of strength and flexibility training. Combined with her extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, her guidance has been invaluable in my fitness journey...


Jimin Choi
Yoga/Pilates Instructor

I met Grace in 2017. She was my first Yoga, Pilates, and Barre teacher in my life. I had no fitness background and I started joining after delivering my 2 kids. I was stiff, weak and inflexible. 


I still remember the first class I had with Grace. She had the most gentle smile and kept encouraging me not to give up. I would have given up exercising a long time ago if it wasn’t her. Her instructions were clear and easy for me to understand and follow. Her classes can be tough, challenging and fun in every class. I have

never sweated so much in my life and enjoyed it! 


I became a big fan of hers and followed 8 classes of hers a week. After few months of training and exercising with Grace, not only have I become stronger, I became much healthier than before. 


A year and half later, I was encouraged by her to become a yoga and a pilates instructor myself. Grace became my role model, teacher and mentor. 


She pushed me to advance my abilities and trained me to be stronger, more flexible and knowledgeable. Without Grace, I know I wouldn’t be where I am. 


Her positive attitude and loving spirit makes her the perfect teacher. I’m very thankful to Grace in every way and if anyone’s looking for a good pilates, barre, and yoga instructor I totally recommend Grace’s classes without a doubt. 


Vivien Hwee

Golden Ager

Time flies and it has been a good 3 years meeting Grace and she made practising yoga a fun and joyful activity.

I am very impressed by her deep commitment, tireless dedication and resourcefulness.

Grace encourages mindfulness permitting mind, body and spirit to move into balance. She sets an atmosphere of peace and serenity. I have been enjoying her classes, many thanks to her guidance and encouragement - it is so meditative! She is the best yoga teacher I have come across - she is second to none.

It is important to get adequate exercise and maintain a positive attitude to stay happy and remain sane. Thanks Grace for bringing Yoga and Barre into our homes so very Gracefully and immersing us in a meditative state of mind while improving our physique, particularly during this COVID-19 pandemic. She is indeed very empathetic towards the seniors for offering free classes for students over 65 years of age.

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Diana Jill C. (37y.o.)
Brisbane, Australia

Back when yoga was first introduced to me, I was looking for an affordable class with a friendly, approachable teacher when a friend recommended Grace to me. I immediately loved my classes at Kallang CC (a few years ago) and have always looked forward to it after work. It was challenging but I believe also accessible to different people with different levels of experience, age and gender. 


I've definitely seen myself improve while in her class. And now that I'm not living in Singapore anymore, I'm so glad to be joining her online classes this year. 


Grace is such an inspiration. Her constant encouragement in class drives me to do better and try harder. She radiates positivity and doing yoga with her has just been so much fun. Seeing Chanel (her beautiful dog) is an added bonus as well. 

Yoga Pose

V. Wong

Perfect Homemaker

Grace has been an absolute inspiration in all aspects, and especially during our period of circuit breaker. Without any hesitation, she moved us onto an online platform and continues to encourage us to get stronger and better everyday, together. With her clear and concise instructions, there is no confusion on movements and everything just flows. Her warmth, positivity and lovely personality fill the screen, and I look forward to every session where we can spend time working towards a common goal. Watching Grace's dedication and devotion propels me to becoming truer and better - on the mat and at living. 


Manilyn (36y.o.)


I attended my first yoga class with Grace (March 2016) and I noticed there were people of different ages, including elderly aunties. All throughout the class, i see that she takes them into consideration by giving modifications, and still giving us, other students, variations for a deeper practice. She provides detailed instructions for the pose, as well as the reason why we do it and explains which muscle we are stretching or strengthening.

She is a very passionate teacher, and a kind heart person, who gives her heart into every class and every student that she meets.


Teck Hong & Terin
Golden Agers 

You are our INSPIRATION  in so many ways.. We are so touched by your dedication to details and through it, we totally feel your love for your work and your students. We are indeed very fortunate to have you as our instructor.  



Barre Lover

Grace is the kind of instructor who gives and gives. She will always remind you of the correct form whether it is your first class or the 20th class and can spot your mistakes even on ZOOM!

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May O.

Mother of 2, Aussie

I have just started yoga as a 40+ year old woman but it’s never too late to try especially with Grace. Her communication via her online classes has been very clear that I am able to enjoy her classes 2-3 times a week. I always look forward to her classes and feeling refreshed after. 💓 thank you Grace! 


Sound Healer

Grace is a beautiful person who exudes lots of positive energy :) Serving truly from her heart, she is the most committed instructor that I have met. Ever so willing to help us keep fit and ever so encouraging,  her enthusiasm is infectious ....I always ended up trying harder than originally intended! ;)      Her classes are always fun and time just seems to fly by in class. I am very grateful to have Grace as my instructor and I highly recommend her!

Yoga at Home

Cecilia Wee

eCommerce & ex-IT PM/Business Analyst 

I have hit the gyms, joined many different exercise programs for a long, long time. Thus, when I met Grace Lee, you could say, I should be able to tell the difference when it comes to good instructors.  


I really enjoy my classes with Grace Lee.   Grace offers Pilates, Barre and Yoga for beginners and power and she can definitely increase the intensity without one realizing it. I suffer from knee injuries and was not able to exercise much for about 3+ yrs, maybe from the high impact classes I used to take, and her lessons suit me as they are low impact with exercises to tone, shape, strengthen, stretch (flexibility) and even build some form of stamina (aerobic).  


Grace makes an effort in every class to tone the whole body in that one hour lesson. There is familarity in the exercises and yet some form of variation to ensure the muscles are not too comfortable.  At the same time, Grace explains the right posture and form of the exercises and the muscles we are working on. Sometimes it is one-ear-in and out, and I really appreciate the constant muscle mentions.  


Since the Circuit Breaker, with 3x a week lessons with Grace, what a difference in my form. My upper body is more tone and my leg muscles more flexible and strong which are great for my knees, thanks to Grace's exercise variations. Check out the mirror image and one definitely can see the differences:-).


Her passion and dedication are displayed every time in the lessons. Her form, posture and flexibilty are definitely an inspiration for anyone to work towards achieving.


Maureen Pestana


I’m petite at 1.53m and 38kg but with barre and yoga sessions with Grace, I feel so much stronger and flexible. Grace is so meticulous in explaining which muscles to engage when doing certain moves or poses that I make a very conscious effort to work those muscles! 

Even though I’m miles away from being as strong or flexible as she is, I am inspired to be the best I can be. 

It’s a wonderful feeling to be toned, strong and flexible! 

Thank you, grace!

Cobra Pose

S. Giam

Golden Ager🤸🏻🧘🏼

Grace is always encouraging us to do better even through challenging poses. She makes a point to explain clearly how each move is done. I’ve attended other classes elsewhere but really hers are fun yet effective and she’s a “Wonder Woman” with a heart of gold. I find myself getting stronger each time and always look forward to attending her class.

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Mr. & Mrs. Chew

Golden Agers

Grace is a committed yoga teacher who truly cares. My husband and I have never looked back since starting our yoga journey with Grace 6 years ago. Our health have improved a lot through her classes. Grace consistently explains the benefits of each pose every lesson. And she is most encouraging to us senior citizens. Outside class, Grace is a wonderful friend who truly cares. We are so blessed our paths crossed. Thank you Grace.


55+ y.o.

Grace's passion for yoga inspired me to workout everyday and grow stronger.

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