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Pinkish Gum, Pink of Health


"Daily exercises enable me to possess higher energy level. This, in turn, permits me to build strength, increase alertness in harmony with my mind, body and soul."


Vivien celebrated her 67th birthday in March, 2020

Vivien joined my yoga class for the first time at Joo Chiat CC in Sep 2016. I remember asking her if she had done yoga before. She said yes. But Vivien could barely finish the 1-hour class. Right after the class, she wanted to withdraw from the course! I had to call and text her repeatedly to convince her not to give up. Gradually, as she got stronger, she started signing up for more classes.

Vivien explained, “ I understand that yoga will take care of my mind, body and soul. During the course of each exercise, I immerse myself in a meditative state of mind while improving my physique. Practising yoga becomes a fun, happy and joyful activity. With Grace’s encouragement, I progressed from attending one class to six(!) classes every week, which also include Pilates and Barre exercises.”

Fast forward to 2 years later, Vivien shared with me that after her regular health check, the doctor was delighted to see that Vivien was 5kg lighter and her blood test result showed vast improvement. When Vivien went for her dentist appointment the same year, the dentist was pleasantly surprised to find her pinkish gum, indicating great blood circulation in her body.

Vivien has been with the Stronger by the Day programme since April. She attends an average of about 27 classes a month. When asked about what keeps her motivated, Vivien said, “I believe it is paramount to get adequate exercises and maintain a positive attitude in order to stay happy and remain sane. I can now concentrate much better, manage stress well and be more positive. Physically, I am now much more flexible, agile and muscular… “

Words of wisdom from this amazing lady:

Always remember that the journey is the utmost for each exercise. Great effort is always needed to overcome any obstacles. Nothing comes without hard work. You will definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel and your efforts shall be richly rewarded. I have been enjoying Grace's classes, many thanks to her guidance and encouragement…”

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