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Hotbod Transformation


Hottie (not her real name) joined the Stronger by the Day programme in April. She has never done yoga before that. When she first started out, she found yoga extremely challenging. When she attempted the wild leg forward bend pose (as above), she used to find it very painful for her hips and hamstrings. She honestly had wanted to give up. Fortunately Hottie is determined to make her health her top priority and she pushed on. With ZOOM and the programme, Hottie can commit to exercising almost every day. On average, Hottie joined about 30-35 classes in 1 month. Bit by bit, the joy of practising yoga grows on her as her body became stronger and more flexible. In a matter of weeks, Hottie found it much easier to do the wild leg forward bend. To her big surprise, she can even do a full split. Overall, her appetite has grown since she started the programme. With the awareness of healthy diet, she can now eat more and stay fit. Look at her hot abs now!

Most importantly, Hottie is more confident in herself with her daily activities and other exercises, knowing that she is stronger and more flexible by the day and is less prone to injuries.

Make exercising your life style. Your commitment will reward you with happiness and good health!


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