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Chawanmushi Steamed Egg Custard

Amazingly easy to do and Super Healthy!

For our second recipe, Grace suggested steamed egg in Japanese style, Chawanmushi. She said last time she tried this dish; it came out looking like the surface of the moon.

Steamed egg is a healthy choice for lunch or it can be served as an appetizer at dinner. It’s packed with protein and there’s no oil in this dish. You can keep it simple and just steam the eggs with some liquid. Or dress it up with shrimp, crab meat and vegetables. The challenge is to control the temperature and cook time and to resist the temptation of using high heat.

The following chart may help you get the best results. Unfortunately, each oven and stove/pot is different. If it turns out too watery, cook it for another 3 mins. If it comes out like the surface of the moon, reduce the heat in your next attempt. Good Luck.

Ingredients (Makes 5 teacups)

1. 3 eggs

2. 400ml of liquid (½ chicken broth,1/2 water or all Dashi)

3. 1 tsp of Mirin (or ½ tsp of sugar)

4. ¼ tsp white pepper

5. Mushroom, sliced

6. Carrots, sliced

7. Green onion, diced

8. Shrimp (marinate with a few drops of soya sauce)

9. Cooked chicken, small pieces (raw chicken will take longer to cook)


1. Whisk egg, liquid, Mirin and white pepper until well mixed.

2. Using a tea strainer or sieve, strain the egg solution twice.

3. Discard the residue in the strainer.

4. Put chicken, shrimps, carrots, mushroom and spring onion in teacups.

5. Pour egg solution into teacups and cover with lids. If you don’t have lids for the teacups, cover with aluminum foil.

6. For steam oven, cook at 250F (120C) for 18 mins.

7. For stove top, heat some water, in a pot with steamer stand, until small bubbles appear consistently. (Big bubbles mean water temperature is too high). Place teacups on the stand and cook for 15 mins. If egg is watery and jiggles a lot, cook for another 3 mins. If egg only jiggles slightly, that means it is ready. Cover the lid, turn off the heat and let it stand for another 5 mins. Done!

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