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60 Is The New Strong 💪


A sexy body is a healthy and toned body. Beauty is more than skin deep. It is a reflection of one’s characters and attitude in life. Stay positive, keep exercising and be beautiful for the rest of your life regardless of age! 👍🏼


Weekend Warrior

I was never active in sports while growing up. In fact, I only started some form of exercises when my husband (then boyfriend) introduced me to jogging while we were dating. Since then, there was no turning back for me. However, being the workaholic as I was, I became the typical weekend warrior, thinking that the harder I pushed myself, the healthier I would be. Was I ever wrong! It went on for a good 20 odd years and unknowingly, I overexerted and caused some damages to my body. The fact that I have some inherent genetic challenges such as scoliosis, bunions and a flat footed left foot didn’t help either.

My Body Is The Best Healer

By the time that I joined Grace’s yoga and then barre classes, I was just recovering from complex torn meniscus on my left knee. Three different orthopaedic surgeons told me that surgery was the fastest way to remove the pain but I was extremely resistant to it. Fortunately for me, I was introduced to a good physiotherapist who helped me avoid surgery and realise that my own body can be the best healer if I know how to properly strengthen it. Another helpful takeaway from this bad, painful episode is that I must listen to my body and learn what exercises are beneficial for me. I needed proper guidance for this lifelong mission if I want to continue indulging in my love for traveling and an active lifestyle with my husband which includes cycling, hiking and dancing. Thank God I found it in Grace’s classes especially her barre and hatha yoga classes.

The Exercises Have To Be Enjoyable To Be Sustainable In The Long Run

Grace’s precise instructions resonate with me as they resemble what I had learnt from my physiotherapy sessions. The only big difference is that Grace’s classes are more enjoyable and hence more sustainable in the long run. I like her constant reminder that we should ‘do every pose with integrity’ and her patience in explaining which part of the body is benefitting from each exercise. Mindful practice’ indeed! Over time, i realise that I automatically engage my core and glutes while walking, climbing stairs and carrying heavy things so as to protect my weak knees and hips. This mindful practice had also helped with my recuperation after my bunion operation about 1 1/2 years ago.

Exercising With A Partner Is Double The Fun

I joined Grace’s zoom classes from April onwards. They were a life saver during circuit breaker! Grace’s Stronger by the Day programme is a community of like-minded people who are health conscious and supportive of one another. I find it very inspiring and motivating to work out in a community, both online and onsite. Being a social creature by nature, I particularly enjoy the social interaction with my classmates (even the jokes and banters online). When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Grimacing and groaning together over some tough exercises is surprisingly motivating. I even managed to rope in my husband, Teck Hong, to join me for the zoom classes which is an added bonus. Instead of feeling bored and listless staying home, we feel more energized and stronger by the day. It also became a standing joke between us to compare our arm muscles. What a boon to our physical and emotional well-being!

We Are Stronger Together - Jeff Struecker

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