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2022 is coming!

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The new year is coming! When I look back at 2021, I have to be thankful that my friends and families are safe and healthy even though we can’t travel. I am also thankful to all those who have supported me and shared their time with me through practice or coffee throughout the year. One of the happiest things for me is that the mystery of Chanel’s constant sickness seems to have been resolved. It turns out that she is allergic to animal protein and will have to be a vegetarian dog. Another thankful event is that my knees are in much better shape. Despite two different orthopedic surgeons told me that nothing could be done to resolve my knee problems, I am very happy to share that the regular use of a foam roller and targeted yoga practice proved them all wrong.

To me, 2021 seems like a very long year. It has been a year of changes – I completely revamped my website twice; I changed the operating model of my online studio; and I started my newsletters. While changes may not be always welcome, changes force us to reflect and re-strategize in order to stay relevant. 2021 has also been a year of self-improvement – I completed my 300-hour advanced Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and also my Wheel Yoga Instructor Training. My advanced YTT encourages critical thinking and enables me to share my knowledge with my students in a more effective way. Subconsciously I feel that 2021 is a year that prepares me for the direction going forward. I feel empowered and am ready to take on more. I have a lot of ideas for the new year -- new classes, workshops and teacher trainings. I don't have all the details yet but I have all the drive and determination to make things happen. As 2022 is fast approaching, I can’t help but feeling a sense of excitement.

No matter how 2021 has been for you, it is coming to an end. Embrace all the changes and work on making 2022 a wonderful and amazing year. A new year brings new hope. Figure out what you want in the new year and start making plans. Celebrate all success and enjoy every step of the way. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!

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